Monday, August 05, 2013

This is Deep Cove, where we sometimes go canoeing.  It is best to be there early, very early, because if you go later in the day the sailboats and the windsurfers will be in the cove, and worse, the power boats, all of which means the living things will be hiding.

This seal family seemed completely unconcerned when we floated by them.  There were also three pups swimming around, but every time I tried to take their pictures, they would go underwater.  Camera shy, just like me.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

of lovers and leavers still believing (they are free to come and go)

When you take a really deep breath, as deep as you can, there is still always a little room for a bit more air if you just force yourself, and that is the place from which I want to breathe.  When I run hard I can breathe to that place consistently, but only while I am running.  (The other thing that opens that place is crying, but I almost never cry that way anymore.)  The feeling of opening that tight place in my chest, that is my reason for running, because it releases everything that is trapped behind it for awhile.

I ran the TH trail this afternoon, which is the right balance of people-y enough to be safe, and quiet enough to be peaceful.  It was a passage through seasons because although it is still summer on my street, in the park it seems that autumn has already descended.